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New York City

June 2022

Trip to NYC at the end of my exchange year. My main plan was just walking around and buying stuff spontaneously, although it had been changed for the last half of the trip as my leg was dying. While people there are really different, the skyscrapers and the subway reminded me of Tokyo.


Badger BOTS

November 2021 ~ June 2022

A robotics team I was on throughout my exchange year. We made a robot named Phoenix in 3 months, and made it to semi-final at both Wisconsin Regional at Milwaukee and Seven Rivers Regional at LaCrosse. They literally have made my year.


Washington D.C.

December 2021

The first visit to the east coast in my life. Although we stayed on the northside of the city and visited some of the famous museums, I mainly walked around the southside to see the difference from the fancier area. As a man selling newspapers on a road told me, there were barely white people on the southside in the first place. I felt like that city symbolized the US both in a good way and in a bad way.



November 2021

The first overnight trip since I came to the US as an exchange student. We stayed at my host grandparents' house, a skyscraper in the downtown. It was so much fun walking the downtown, looking at the view of Lake Michigan. There was already an ice skating rink despite November.


Universal Studio Japan

August 2021

The last trip before studying abroad. Though I and my friends had already been to Universal Studio Hollywood, we had so much fun the original rides in Osaka. I was exhausted when we leave there because of motion sickness, but was also satisfied with that we could make a great memory.



July 2021

Traveled to Izu, a summer resort in Japan with my family. I tried surfing for the first time, and it was really fun. Since typhoon was coming close, the sea raged and swimming was banned few days after we got back home. But the weather was great while we stay.


Los Angels

February 2020

The last trip before quarantine. Traveled around Redondo Beach, Citadel, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood, San Diego with my friends as a school trip. Also we visited UCLA. The locker room of UCLA basketball team was like that of NBA. This is definitely the best trip of my life, and I frequently look back this nostalgic, good old days.



July 2018

Stayed at RIMBA Jimbaran, a great resort hotel with tons of pool and restaurant, with my family. We've enjoyed the beauty of the beaches, and deliciousness of the local foods for 4 days. Nothing can spare this wonderful time.