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Kota Yatagai

18yo / Software Developer


About Me

I am a high school student in Japan, who had been in Wisconsin for a year as an exchange student before. My current enthusiasm is researching decentralized identity management (a.k.a Self Sovereign Identity), which also had me into blockchain and P2P Network.

Although I spend a lot of time reading documents and papers, I also love to code for my own web applications. I have been working on a data transfer app using WebRTC for this two months, as well as maintaining and optimizing this blog. Despite the trend in these days that people love to use React and Vue, I consider myself as a Svelte enthusiast. The biggest reason behind me using Svelte is just that I started using it earlier than any other frameworks simply out of curiosity, but I also love how quick its build is and how intuitive to write.



About My Blog

Although most of the contents are written in Japanese so far, I am planning to write some artciles in English. For those who cannot read Japanese, subscribe my RSS feed and wait for it!!