If not taller, grow wider.


> Undergraduate at Keio Univ. The Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
> Nakazawa and Okoshi Lab.
> Software Engineering Intern at PLAID Inc.
> Student Staff at Civictech Challenge Cup U-22



> Fundamental of Engineering (Japanese)
> 1st prize at EPSON HackTrek 2021
> Product Development & GMO Pepabo Prize at EFC Award


> Email: kota[at]yatagai.com
> English available


Although my field of interest is quite diverse that I don't come up with the primary field, I enjoy implementing protocols on papers or specifications. One of my recent work is an implementation of TCP Simultaneous Open, where you can establish TCP connection without having the conventional three-way handshake. I've also written SHA-256 in TypeScript, and have been working on implementing Warp, a live streaming protocol on HTTP/3.
I also write web apps for fun and research purpose sometimes. As I like tinkering network connection on an application layer WebRTC, WebSocket and WebTransport are what I usually code with (e.g. Instant Drop).

Besides computer science and software engineering, I spend a great deal of time reading. Sometimes it's just for fun, sometimes for learning English or for self enlightenment. I enjoy reading dystopian novels the most, such as "1984", "Don't let me go" or "Atlas Shrugged". I've even created a dystopian app once that scores smiles using image recognition, inspired by 1984.